Small & Large Metal Pressing

Small & Large Metal Pressing

At SEG we are one of the few metal companies to be in possession of a modern 10 ton presses to 200 ton press that can take up to 4 tools at a time. With 2.42 metre x 0.8 metre deep bed, the 200 ton press is capable of producing parts ranging from large panel work used in the white goods market, X-Ray markets etc to heavy gauge 15mm thick brackets & ducts used in the construction industry, street furniture industry etc. as well as the more precise and higher tolerance work of 1.75 mtr long brackets used in the electrical industry.

Being able to take 3-4 tools at a time we are able to maximise the large bed size, providing us with increased capability and flexibility when handling customer designs. Using fast hydraulic tool clamping our modern press technology reduces the effort and time of both setters and operators, offering increased efficiency and a cost effective production solution for our clients.

Few companies around the world understand better the nature of large metal pressing; how different materials behave, tool development, tool maintenance, progression pressing techniques, zero defect production and quality systems and maybe even material cost management for component price stability.

We work closely with our customers to help them meet their goals, from initial design and prototyping, right through to volume production.

Our current large metal pressing projects span from cooker panels to parts for industrial refrigeration.

For many of our clients we provide components in whatever finish is required and undertake any additional processes (e.g punching, shearing etc) so that the parts can be sure to arrive ready for assembly.

Our engineers are familiar with working from a range of drawing packages e.g SolidWorks and AutoCAD. If required, we are also able to make our own internal design services available for component and assembly design.