Other Original Equipment Manufacturing

Other Original Equipment Manufacturing

Decorative Sheet Metal Products Manufacturing For Retail Industry

We have good amount of experience in manufacturing of metal wire and sheet metal products for our retail sector clients especially for the festive seasons. We understand the emotional value attached with the products so quality is never compromised. Some example products that we do:

  • Metal Racks/Shelves for Retail Display & Warehousing
  • Wire Wreaths for Christmas tree
  • Shaped – sheet metal cuttings of S.S and M.S.
  • Other bespoke metal products.

Metal Parts Manufacturing For Medical & Special needs Industry

SEG is proud to say that it holds the capability to manufacture quality and reliable products for our clients in Medical and Special needs industry. Our products vary from very large to very small. Some example products are:

  • Wheel chair support structures
  • Complete/Parts of Hoist
  • Medical bed Parts etc..