Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

We manufacture tailored, on-demand designed products for the hospitality/hotel industry for our clients. Some of the products we do are:


  • Luggage Trolley of S.S/M.S
  • Porter’s Trolley S.S/M.S


  • Display Stand/Display Easel of S.S
  • Information Stand of S.S
  • Suggestion Boxes of Brass/S.S
  • Post & Pillars of S.S/Brass
  • Menu Display of Brass/S.S
  • Lecture Stand/Lectern of Brass/S.S
  • Standing Newspaper Racks/Wall Newspaper Racks of Brass/S.S
  • Umbrella Stands of S.S/M.S/Brass
  • High Standing Ashtrays of S.S/Brass
  • High Standing Ashtrays + Litter Bins of S.S/Brass

Bathroom Amenities

  • Double/Single Rack Stands for Hand towels of S.S
  • Toilet Paper Holder of S.S
  • Metal Brush Holders of S.S
  • Soap Consoles of S.S
  • Complete Metal Regular Bathroom Stool of S.S