Over the past half century, SEG has invested in unique skills and machining technologies to provide high-precision manufacturing solutions for some of the worlds foremost OEMs in a number of industries and markets. We have the machines and knowledge to practically manufacture anything and every thing

SEG serves some of the World’s most innovative and hi-tech engineering companies involved in industries that demand high quality and precision.

SEG’s precision components play a critical role in many pioneering engineering projects. Since its inception, its precision engineered parts have been in widespread use from drilling through to the crust of the earth to the exploration of the deepest of sea waters.

SEG’s experienced engineers can share extensive process, materials and finishing knowledge, and are happy to be involved in the early planning stages to help ensure that any concept or design is optimised for production.

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SEG’s machining facility is fully equipped for custom fabrication of stock to finished product, or modifying as well. Milling, turning, threading, and boring capabilities of up to 0.0001 (.003 mm) tolerances are possible with the recent addition of new state of the art equipment.

The engineering and fabrication experience we have gained from the successful production of literally thousands of different parts is a resource we apply to every job that comes to us.

Working from sketches, engineering drawings, prototypes, or models, we can suggest ways to make your design fabrication efficient, and can frequently improve its assembly and operational efficiency as well.

SEG offers 3D CAD (computer assisted design) support that enables us to design parts in final form, in order to ensure their functionality and performance. Then, to simplify part fabrication, we utilize 3D Unfold, software that electronically “unfolds” the finished part to create a flat pattern, automatically calculating the appropriate bend allowances.

SEG also offers 2D CAD support, which facilitates the drawing of flat pattern layouts, and 2D CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) support, which generates parts programs automatically, based on our machine capabilities, cutting conditions, and tooling inventory.

Thus, clients are assured that we can produce to specification all parts that we design. We can work with every file format including .DWG, .IGES, .DXF, and .STEP

We specialize in parts that demand that extra attention to detail which makes us perfect for seismic, crude oil, computer hardware, electronics, aerospace, and bespoke metal part industries. We work from bar, rod, plate, sheet metal, castings, angles etc. you name it. Our experienced technicians will reduce material waste, shorten labor time, and pass these savings on to you. Below are some example industries & products that we are currently dealing in: