Business Facts

Having Support Offices in the West world and Production units in India we understand the expectations and perspective from both sides of the coin. The team SEG knows perfectly for having lived- motivations and constraints of both sides. That is why our support is very practical, operational and consistent with the reality of your business.


In the current business age companies face new challenges and these challenges form the basis of our mission. Some of the challenges are detailed below:

  • Increased competition and new distribution channels
  • Grouping of customers / professionalizing the purchasing function
  • Increased supply on the market with a large heterogeneity of price / quality
  • Companies are facing new business issues


Common Questions that come into mind when you plan to Import:

Ques. How will I lower my cost?
Answer: SEG offers you practical experience that on an average saves our customers 50 to 60% of the cost on their purchases. With 42 years of experience in the field we provide you cost reducing ideas along with the benefits of cheap labour & low machining cost
Ques. Do I have to import sufficient quantities?  Do I have to order full containers?

Answer: As long as you’re honest about your business and the prospect of the product to us- We have NO Problems in providing small quantities to start with. We are member of lot of Inventors Clubs across Europe and have played an important role in bringing a lot of new products in the market.

Small quantities are usually beneficial for 1 or 2 production runs to check the acceptability & our quality. But in long term it’s much cheaper to order bigger quantities as it gives us: a better raw material purchasing power , Lower Per Unit Operational Cost and for you a lot of savings on Freight Cost (Full Container Load/Unit is Cheaper than Loose Container Load/Unit) & also on Service charges such as BOL, Destination Charges etc…..

Ques. How to find the right suppliers?

Answer: We believe, you should check:

  • Experience of the supplier
  • Financial Stability of the supplier- so there are no cheap tricks involved
  • Quality Management System of the supplier
  • Is there a R&D team in the Organisational Structure- To give you cost saving Ideas
  • How well their network is within their country- So that they can get cheapest raw material.
  • How well they know the transport system within and outside their country. So that you get the cheapest & safest transport. If things go wrong then to get you your products  without any delays

**Always double check what they say and Visit the facility if you can

We are proud to say that we know and have all the above. We know all these will be just words until unless we work together. So the best way to counter check us is contact us – discuss your need with us and if all feels good to you then work with us

Ques. How long will it take me to get started?
Answer:There is no fixed time line as such. It depends on product to product. The usual process involved is :: us getting the specs-making a sample for you- a small run production-a large run production & the repeat orders. Process Diagram
Ques. Will I have to increase my stocks?
Answer: Yes, if you want to. It’s all in a cycle, once you increase the stock you are ordering us a bigger quantity which again as mentioned above gives us: a better raw material purchasing power, Lower Per Unit Operational Cost and for you a lot of savings on Freight Cost (Full Container Load/Unit is Cheaper than Loose Container Load/Unit) & also on Service charges such as BOL, Destination Charges etc…..
Ques. The products- will they be good?  What to do if problems arise once the equipment delivered?

Answer: Yes they will be; We have a very stringent quality management process (You can read more under the Quality & Compliance section).

We keep our detective eyes out from the time we buy the raw material. A Spectro test is done on the raw material to check the authenticity of the material. All the reports are shared with you. So you know you get what you asked for

During the production regular die supervision is done to ensure quality machine output & after the production Random Sampling Method is used by the head supervisors to critically check the products in every lot. A quality report is created for each lot and shared with the buyers purchase department.

For further assurance we are happy to conduct THIRD PARTY INSPECTIONS via Recognised Organisations

Sample QC Report

For any problems that arise after the delivery of equipments/products please visit our After Sales section
** Most of our products have 1 Year Warranty

Ques. Will my customers be able to gauge the difference in the sourced product?

Answer: No, if we are manufacturing what you are already selling then we make sure that the first sample we make matches mechanically & in appearance exactly the same to what you are using. Then we produce the product in small run to check the consistency & then go in for the long run. So consistency & quality is always there


  • You improve your sourcing, drastically reducing the costs of returns. This forms the key driver of profitable growth
  • With lower selling prices to customers you can conquest a bigger share of markets
  • With no reduction in your selling prices to customers you have improved margins on products while maintaining sales volume
  • It’s like having a factory of your own – you can extend the range of products / create your new brand
  • Great motivation to your sales team as  you are providing products to sell with excellent value for money
  • Working With US Directly you can save a lot as you are  removing intermediates

SEG makes your import easy and safe. We accompany our customers fully, giving you exactly what you want, SEG allows you to benefit from the best cost in the world for your product with safety and simplicity

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